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Jan 11, 2005

Why I love the 'Y'

This month, thousands of Canadians will join health and fitness clubs, hoping that a combination of high-tech gadgetry and old-fashioned peer pressure will help them shed those extra pounds. To doubl
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Nov 9, 2004

Pedal to the metal

Is Canada's economy bursting at the seams? Sure, the labour market has improved, but it's still darn tough to find and keep a job. Most Canadians encounter a rather gritty economic reality every morn
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Oct 12, 2004

Ontario needs a raise

The CAW joined with the Ontario Needs a Raise (ONR) coalition to mark the first anniversary of the McGuinty government's election. The Liberals' promise of “real” change was contrasted to t
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Sep 29, 2004

Less bang for the buck

The national income accounts published tri-monthly by Statistics Canada are not usually considered gripping reading. While a few nerdy number-crunchers pore eagerly over each release, normal Canadian
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Aug 24, 2004

The folly of poor-bashing

Three years ago, in the heart of a heat wave, Kimberly Rogers died in her apartment in Sudbury, Ontario. She was eight months pregnant. Her death, writes CAW President Buzz Hargrove, drives home why
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Aug 6, 2004

I Am. Confused.

Hey! My name is Joe. I don't live in an igloo. And I am not a lumberjack. Well, okay, I used to be a lumberjack. But a countervailing tariff on softwood lumber put an end to that. Oh, and I brew good
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Jul 28, 2004

Buying votes

Canada's hard-fought election last month drew the lowest voter turnout since Confederation. That continues a decades-old downward trend. And those Canadians who would gain most from political change
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Jul 13, 2004

Jim's favourite scandals

Like any other patriotic, cynical Canadian, economist Jim Stanford loves to see arrogant politicians get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But surely he wasn't the only one left yawning afte
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Apr 30, 2004

Punish us — please

Chinese officials hinted darkly that if Canadian politicians expressed support for Tibetan independence in meetings with a visiting Dalai Lama, there could be fallout for our bilateral trade. Economi
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Mar 16, 2004

CN strike: end in sight

Around-the-clock bargaining culminating this morning in a tentative agreement between the Canadian Auto Workers Union and Canadian National Railway. If ratified in a vote to be held this week, the de
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Feb 25, 2004

Mutual funds: wealth hazard?

Down on Bay Street, the party is back on. This RRSP season, markets are up, and long-suffering-brokers' bonuses are once again flowing. The investment industry has been suffering its worst-ever crisi
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Feb 23, 2004

CN strikers 'holding strong'

With one third of its workforce on strike, Canadian National Railway Inc. is investing in replacement workers to continue “normal” operations. Some 5000 Canadian Auto Workers members —
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Jan 16, 2004

What I learned at day care

The smartest parenting decision my spouse and I ever made was to send our girls to non-profit group day care. Imagine two dozen toddlers beavering away in a busy room: the only way to avoid utter cha
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Dec 3, 2003
Corporate question period

Corporate question period

Conrad Black's recent fall from grace sparked glee and gloating amongst Canada's unwashed rabble. But when we're done cheering, economist Jim Stanford would like us to view Mr. Black's downfall throu


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