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Oct 8, 2003
Rising dollar, rising threat

Rising dollar, rising threat

The Canadian dollar reached its highest level in eight years yesterday, breaking through US$0.75. Economist Jim Stanford will warn a Senate committee today of dire economic consequences if the dollar
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Oct 2, 2003

The $140-million patriot

Can you imagine a steeper slide from hero to zero? Richard Grasso resigned on September 17 as chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. Storming outrage over his compensation package, includin
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Sep 19, 2003

Obituary: Dan Benedict

He was an outspoken advocate for social justice, workers' rights, public services and international solidarity. In 1998, he received the Order of Canada for his life's work. On Tuesday, Dan Benedict
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Sep 12, 2003

So deficits are good now?

Massive tax cuts. Desperate spending to pump-prime the economy. Everyone knew that George Bush was running up a big deficit to help ensure his re-election next year. But where's the familiar panic, t
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Jun 26, 2003

Railway Sale Derailed

CN announced this month that it will not purchase and privatize Ontario Northland Rail. The 100-year-old provincial crown corporation was originally created to help open up Ontario’s north. Seve
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Jun 11, 2003

Minimum Wage: Think Big

Ontario’s measly minimum wage has been ravaged by inflation since it was frozen at $6.85/hour in 1995. Folks earning it now sit way below the poverty line, and it’s holding down other low-e
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Jun 5, 2003

Give Ontario a Raise

Labour and community groups told the government to “Give Ontario a raise” today. Strengthening social assistance and boosting the minimum wage to $10/hour could bring two million Ontarians
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May 22, 2003
Buzz on the Dollar

Buzz on the Dollar

Fifteen per cent: that’s how much the loonie has gained on the U.S. greenback so far this year. That movement makes life harder for Canada’s export industries. And CAW President Buzz Hargro
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Mar 28, 2003

Last Call for the Third Way

With his dogged support for George Bush’s war against Iraq, British P.M. Tony Blair isn’t just splitting his own Parliamentary caucus and dividing the U.K. from its European partners. He&#1
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Dec 3, 2002

Hot Air Over Kyoto

Canadian business leaders are sounding more and more like anti-globalization protesters. Stolid old free-traders rail on about the power of global bureaucrats and looming threats to Canadian jobs. Ne
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Nov 6, 2002

150 Years of Scams

It's the kind of thing Martha Stewart might have suggested in happier times. Feeling down in the dumps, unsure about your place in the world? ... Then throw yourself an elegant dinner party to celebr
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Oct 21, 2002

Lab Coats and Overalls

Once Canada's corporate darling, Nortel Networks is bleeding billions, shedding 50,000 workers since 2000 as its share price plummeted by 99 per cent. Yet governments stand loyally by, supplying $400
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Sep 30, 2002

Bombardier Layoffs Hit Hard

“That's a helluva a way to head into Christmas.” CAW President Buzz Hargrove was reacting to Bombardier's Friday announcement that it will cut up to 6.5 per cent of its worldwide aerospace
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Aug 30, 2002

No Shopping Spree

The Canadian Autoworkers union (CAW) thinks workers are entitled to decent benefits and to know what their wages will be; the Hudson’s Bay Company doesn’t agree. Because of it, talks betwee


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