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Aug 22, 2002

Boys Who Cried Wolf

And unto the village was born a son. And his name was Paul. Paul was handsome and articulate. Paul did demonstrate a most profitable business acumen. And Paul was patient. One day a most fearsome wol
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Jul 29, 2002

The Economics of Hot Air

Pop quiz: What group of Canadians (a) is opposed to an international treaty they say will erode Canada's sovereignty and economy; and (b) is predicting increasingly dire consequences if the agreement
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Jul 9, 2002

End of the Market?

The economic news has been pretty cheerful: strong job creation, optimistic consumers, growing productivity. Yet stock markets around the world are mired in one of their deepest funks ever. What's ha
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Apr 25, 2002

Kitchen-Table Economics

Typical neo-lib argument: families know they shouldn't spend more than they have in the bank — and governments should have the same common sense. Ah, but Statistics Canada reported last week tha
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Apr 11, 2002

Scout's Honour

For today's youth, building campfires and learning first aid no longer makes the heart sing. So Canada's 200,000 boy and girl scouts can now earn a badge in "investing." Okay, says economist Jim Stan
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Apr 3, 2002

GM Shrinking Canadian Plants

They're some of the most profitable plants in General Motors' empire. So why is GM scaling back engine and component production in St. Catherines, Ontario? In streaming video, Canadian Auto Workers r
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Feb 1, 2002

Join Club Loonie!

The dollar drops another notch, and another pundit wants us to adopt the U.S. greenback. But it's ironic, all this talk of merging national currencies. See, companies are winning big with their own <


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