The CAW is the largest private sector union in Canada with over 250,000 members from coast to coast.

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Jan 11, 2005

Why I love the 'Y'

This month, thousands of Canadians will join health and fitness clubs, hoping that a combination of high-tech gadgetry and old-fashioned peer pressure will help them shed those extra pounds. To doubl
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Nov 9, 2004

Pedal to the metal

Is Canada's economy bursting at the seams? Sure, the labour market has improved, but it's still darn tough to find and keep a job. Most Canadians encounter a rather gritty economic reality every morn
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Oct 12, 2004

Ontario needs a raise

The CAW joined with the Ontario Needs a Raise (ONR) coalition to mark the first anniversary of the McGuinty government's election. The Liberals' promise of “real” change was contrasted to t
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Sep 29, 2004

Less bang for the buck

The national income accounts published tri-monthly by Statistics Canada are not usually considered gripping reading. While a few nerdy number-crunchers pore eagerly over each release, normal Canadian


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