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Jun 30, 2003

Yukon Internet Inquisition

It started as an investigation into allegations that a handful of Yukon government employees have been downloading pornography at work. It has become a “widespread witch-hunt” that disregar
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Jun 17, 2003

Nordion Meddles in Union?

Nordion International stands accused of violating its workers’ collective bargaining rights. The Canada Industrial Relations Board has received a complaint from the Public Service Alliance of Ca
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Jun 13, 2003

More Hardship for Toronto?

Pearson International Airport is preparing to lock out some 600 workers on August 1. The move would disrupt travel to and through Toronto, compounding the turbulence stirred up by Air Canada’s w
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Dec 3, 2002

Proud, Harried and Harassed

Federal public sector workers are proud of their work, and many report growing job satisfaction. Those are among the positive findings of the latest <a href="
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Jul 19, 2002

Are You in Danger?

More than 2,000 sites across Canada &#151; airports, border crossings, even entire communities &#151; have been identified as contaminated by the government. "The bad news," says PSAC's National Pres
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Apr 9, 2002

Parks Workers Vote to Strike

Vacationers could face disruptions this summer if their plans include any national parks or waterways. 4,600 parks workers are negotiating a first contact with the new Park Canada Agency &#151; and r
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Feb 27, 2002

Worsening Weather Service

Canadians need reliable weather information &#151; to plan work, to schedule travel, to gauge trends. That need grows as climate patterns morph in the crucible of global warming. Unfortunately, the f


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