Central America

Sep 21, 2009

Zelaya returns

rabble staff
Three months after being ousted in a coup, President Zelaya is back in Honduras.
Aug 31, 2009

Canadian delegation arrives in Honduras

rabble staff
A Canadian delegation has just arrived in Honduras, bringing solidarity to the resistance against the coup d'etat regime that removed President Zelaya on June 28.
Aug 17, 2009

Canadian media silent on resistance to Honduras coup

Yves Engler
Even a close observer of the Canadian press would know almost nothing about the ongoing demonstrations, blockades and work stoppages calling for the return of elected President Manuel Zelaya.
Aug 10, 2009

Toronto once again rallies against the coup in Honduras

John Bonnar
The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN) rallied in Toronto on Saturday, condemning the military coup d’etat in Honduras and what they called U.S. involvement and support for a dictatorship.
Jul 5, 2009

President Zelaya set to return to Honduras

rabble staff
A week after the illegal coup in Honduras, supporters of democracy continue to rally and brave military repression. Three people were reported killed Sunday. (Photo: http://www.iuf.org/www/en/)


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