Climate Change

Dec 9, 2009

Climate leadership needed in Copenhagen

Official delegations from 192 countries and hundreds of NGOs are engaging in two weeks of meetings aiming for a global agreement to stave off catastrophic global climate change.
Dec 8, 2009

Leaving for Copenhagen

Diana Bronson
Over the weekend I found the time to take my 10-year-old daughter and two of her friends to see A Christmas Carol. The play was great but Scrooge kept reminding me of Stephen Harper.
Dec 4, 2009

Weekly Mulch: Will Copenhagen be enough?

Raquel Brown
The world series of climate change is just around the corner. Next week, global leaders will convene in Copenhagen to discuss how the world will address climate change.
Dec 4, 2009

Paying our climate debt

Among the smartest and most promising proposals in advance of Copenhagen is "climate debt," the idea that rich countries should pay reparations to poor countries for the climate crisis.


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