climate crisis

Dec 9, 2009

Climate leadership needed in Copenhagen

Official delegations from 192 countries and hundreds of NGOs are engaging in two weeks of meetings aiming for a global agreement to stave off catastrophic global climate change.
Oct 27, 2009

Ottawa protest targets tar sands

rabble staff
One hundred protesters 'die' in the lobby of RBC branch near Parliament Hill, killed by the harmful effects of the tar sands including water contamination, poor air quality, and climate change.
Oct 23, 2009

350 or bust

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This Saturday, Oct. 24, the world will unite in action against climate change, aiming to get atmospheric concentrations of CO2 back under 350 parts per million.
Oct 19, 2009

Climate activists in Thailand

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The Greenpeace Change Caravan on the outskirts of Bangkok, before the recently completed climate negotiations. Canada once again played an obstructionist, negative role. (Photo: Greenpeace)
Oct 8, 2009

Climate politics on the way to Copenhagen

We're in the run-up to the December UN climate summit in Copenhagen that will determine how the planet will weather the future, so don't expect things to settle down before the year ends.
Oct 7, 2009

Obama should go back to Copenhagen

When Obama visited Copenhagen to support Chicago's Olympic bid, he showed the world that he is willing to schlep to Scandinavia for an event he considers important. Will he do it again on December 7?


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