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NDP Socialist Caucus Presents Spring 2013 Edition of Turn Left/Virez a gauche

The NDP Socialist Caucus (SC) is proud to present the Spring 2013 edition of Turn Left/Virez a gauche, the official magazine of the SC, in preparation for the upcoming federal convention in Montreal.

It features articles by Sid Ryan, Dru Ola Jay, Yves Engler, Richard Fidler and SC activists.  Issues discussed include First Nations struggles, pipelines and the environment, fair trade, remembering Hugo Chavez, the "Quebec Question" and the NDP, a tribute to Peter Kormos, Canadian foreign policy, keeping socialism in the NDP, and much more.

Mar 5, 2013

Sneak Peek: Jack, the movie

Jack -- the movie delving into the life of Jack Layton through the lens of the 2011 election, premieres on CBC TV March 10th. Take a peek at the film here.
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How do Progressive and Conservative news watching habits differ?

This week I decided to look at whether supporters of various political parties had different news consumption patterns and compare them to undecided voters. To do this I'm going back to the Canadian Election Study 2011 data. Obviously, things may have changed since then, but this is the most current raw data source I have for this question. 

The first question I thought I'd look at is how much time people spent consuming news (Question 81 in the Post Election Survey(PES)) broken down by party self-identification.


Charts and the rest of the post can be found here

Jan 24, 2013

Canadian Public Health Forum: Yellowknife

George Lessard
Dennis Bevington, MP for the Western Arctic, presented the "Canadian Public Health Forum: with an emphasis on the North," hosted by NDP Health Critic Libby Davies MP, Vancouver East.
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Tories using CIDA website to attack NDP

Well it appears that the Tories have crossed yet another line.

In response to a MP Hélène Laverdière’s December blog post in the Huff Post, somebody at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) decided to post the Huff Post response by Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, directly on the CIDA website. There was also another partisan post on the CIDA website attacking the Liberals that stated “Liberals make promises,
Conservatives get results - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)”.


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